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Pizza 4P’s

Pizza 4P’s

Founded in 2011, Pizza 4P's is a Japanese - Italian fusion restaurant with more than 15 branches at Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang and Nha Trang. Our ambition at Pizza 4P's is not to simply be "A Great Pizza Restaurant". We have a bigger vision – Make the World Smile for Peace. Our idea of "Peace" is to live happily with a positive outlook on life while having a peace of mind and body. The name 4P's represents our wish "For Peace" – for the world to be filled with long-lasting inner Peace.

To achieve this mission, we self-produce fresh cheese at our cheese factory in Da Lat, directly source ingredients from local farmers following the concept "Farm-to-Table", reduce food waste,... If we repeat those small steps, we believe that the whole world can be filled with more happiness.

1. House-made Cheese "Make Our Own" was the answer to having fresh, delicious and safe cheese.

We launched our cheese factory in the small town of Don Duong, Da Lat in 2011, around the same time as the opening of our first restaurant. Every morning, our cheese artisans handcrafted our house-made cheese, one by one, using fresh milk from cows that grew up in the rich nature of Da Lat. We now have over 20 cheese artisans producing more than 10 different kinds of cheese daily.

2. Farm-to-table Concept With the desire to serve not only delicious but also fresh and safe food to our guests, we follow the "Farm to Table" concept. In this concept, our ingredients are sourced directly from producers (farm) to consumer (table) under consistent management. Thien Sinh Farm, located in Don Duong, Lam Dong Provinces is our strategic partner to implement the "Farm to Table" concept. At Thien Sinh Farm, vegetables are cultivated without using synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Every day, green and fresh vegetables like rocket or tomato are directly sourced from Thien Sinh Farm to our restaurants.

3. Omotenashi In the Japanese language, there is a word, "Omotenashi". It means to welcome guests from the heart, and this word represents the spirit of Japanese hospitality. "Omotenashi" represents a considerate and compassionate mindset that sees hosting as much more than a mere task.

It is about stepping aside from seeing all customers as one, and thinking from the perspective of each unique customer in front of you, about how you can cater to them, and what type of happiness or comfort you can provide. It is to welcome every valued customer with more than just courtesy or manners, to welcome them with your heart.

This is the spirit of "Omotenashi", and we believe that this is the key to realizing our mission,"Delivering Wow, Sharing Happiness".

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